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Five Years ago, two best friends took the initiative to spread a kind of magic that Ocean City had never seen before. Transforming themselves into the maidens from the sea, they swam into hotel pools, delighting guests and children


The mermaids were fabulous!!! My girls haven't stopped talking about them and continue to wear their 'ocean bracelets'. Thank you for making their day so special. Would highly recommend!


Great experience with Mermaid Watch today @ocean city Hilton. Lots of fun for kids and something different for a regular pool

Day. Highly recommend


"My son and nephew loved the mermaids these beautiful ladies rock!  awesome time a must for anyone with children"


My daughter Ellie had a wonderful time today at the Fairfield Inn in Chincoteague. She is already asking to go ahead next Friday. The girls stories and the make up were great.



Second time seeing them today. They are amazing and so great with the kids. From the stories they share to the little trinkets, my kids can't stop talking about them... and of course asking to see them again!!! Thank you for making their day!!

The mermaids visited my granddaughters and their friends at our condo pool in Ocean City. It was a magical time for them...I would suggest having them visit with your kids on vacation!!

We met them at Jolly Rogers amusement park in Ocean City MA and they made my daughters whole trip! Thankyou! (And thanks for letting my son play with the wand!)


These mermaids are special. They have something wonderful going on in the city of Ocean City. They really do. They've become legends there, by way of me asking various people in Ocean City. Everyone I talked to or asked about knew who they were. That's amazing, even incredible, of how well known Mermaid Watch is in Ocean City. I had been trying for years to return to Ocean City. I finally did, and I'm glad that Mermaid Watch could be a huge part in my return to Ocean City this past Saturday. Recommended. 5 Stars.


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